Each of these three books has its own strengths and offers a unique perspective on home design. Here I will break down the main focus of these three interior design books.

  • Designing a Life: From House to Haven should be considered a hands-on guide to haven make. This book looks beyond design and seeks to help the reader create a personalized plan for their own home based on their own style and family needs. You will follow a step by step approach to determine what your haven mission statement is, identify the problems, establish a design vision and set goals, and then implement your plan. All of this will be done with the help of a free workbook.
  • Homebody: A Guide to Creating Space You Never Want to Leave, is an inspirational design book. The book boasts breathtaking inspirational photos with commentary and storytelling. It offers advice for creating spaces that are beautiful and functional. In addition, there is a small section in the back to help guide your design plans.
  • The Martha Manual:
    • Teaching Focus for Everyday Living
    • Quick tips for a large variety of home-related questions
    • Includes craft, pet, gardening, and food sections
    • Wide variety of topics not focused on design